Hear from the people who have used the WristWand®!

“I am a New York Times #1 best-selling author, with nine books published to date. For my living I type at a keyboard constantly. A few books ago, I began to become seriously concerned about my career when I began to develop carpal tunnel symptoms, and various keyboard aids and pads were not solving the problem.

Then my wife found for me your WristWand. I was skeptical that such a low-tech device could make a real difference in the face of my stubborn and significant pain.  I was even somewhat suspicious that this might be merely an exploitative "snake oil" gimmick. But the product was so inexpensive that I also figured I had nothing to lose in trying it. I soon learned the proper exercise, and I was frankly amazed at how quickly and how completely the WristWand erased my symptoms. It proved ENTIRELY effective. I now work at my keyboard pain-free. I make sure to have a WristWand wherever I go with my laptop.

Considering the thousands of dollars' worth of physical therapy and expensive keyboard measures that I have been through for repetitive-stress injuries, I find it quite extraordinary that I have obtained BETTER results with this little object that costs almost nothing. Ever since using it, I have had no more RSI problems at all. I hope that the WristWand will eventually be considered a necessity at any keyboard station, like sun protection cream at any beach.

In view of all the time, pain, and money your product has saved me, I am only too glad to offer this testimonial. Please let me know if I can provide anything further to encourage more widespread use of this valuable instrument.”

Dr. David West Reynolds, Ph.D.
Director, Phaeton Group
San Francisco, CA / Louisville, KY
Author of "APOLLO: The Epic Journey to the Moon," "Kennedy Space Center:
Gateway to Space," and seven "Star Wars" books for Lucasfilm Ltd.

“I recently introduced one of my patients to the Wrist Wand.  I had been to a conference in Las Vegas where I acquired the Wrist Wand, but when I got home from the conference I put it away and kind of forgot about it.  My specialty area is work hardening so I do not often treat hand patients. This particular patient was referred to our program for back pain. As I worked with her I found out that the pain in her thumb was so bad she couldn't even touch it.  It was constantly swollen and painful.  She couldn't grip anything. When she first used it she could hardly do it.  She works as a custodian so it was important for her to be able to hold the mop handle and broom handle, but it was so painful.  She couldn't even wring out a dish towel.  She used the wrist wand 3 times in one day and reports that the pain was almost entirely gone.  She used to wake up with her hands curled up in a ball but now her hands stay open. She told me that it is so much easier now for her to cope with her back because  her hands are feeling better.”

Karen A., OTR

“I have been using your product for about 4 weeks and I can hardly believe the results. This is the first time I have ever sent this type of response to a product or service. My tennis elbow and shoulder stiffness have improved beyond my wildest expectations. I was extremely skeptical and did not expect much from this simple device but was I wrong.  Thank you, I am now looking forward to my golf again.”

Ian T.

"I bought the WristWand a few months ago for myself and a couple of friends who were having problems with their wrists. Little did I know that I would need it desperately. Almost two months ago I started having problems with my right wrist. It didn't feel like tendonitis, so I didn't think of using the WristWand. It felt like it was inside my joint. It didn't occur to me until I was about to go get a cortisone shot, or whatever they do for joint pain, that I hadn't tried the WristWand for this. After suffering and worrying for about a month and three weeks, the pain disappeared completely within three days of using it. I cannot thank you enough."

L. Lacy, CA

"Approximately two years ago I wrote to inquire about using the WristWand considering that I had severe carpal tunnel because I use my hands to walk with crutches, to use a wheelchair, to use a computer and to use hand controls in my car. At first I could use the wand only for very limited stretches because of the pain in my hands. Gradually I was able to stretch the entire way and I used the WristWand regularly in conjunction with getting cortisone shots every 6 months. I also did other exercises and at my doctor's recommendation took about 1000 mg of Vitamin B6 every day. I used Advil every night. And always I used the WristWand because the stretches felt good. About a year ago I realized I didn't need a shot. I stopped needing the wrist brace at night. The numbness and pain just went away and now is completely gone from my hands. When I feel some stiffness or aching I use the WristWand again and within a few days to a week everything feels better again. My elbows and shoulders feel better too. I also have been able to reduce my dosage of vitamin B6 and the Advil I used to take all the time And I still use crutches, wheelchair, computer and hand controls. Thank you for the WristWand which has helped so much. Whenever anyone asks how my hands feel I tell them about your product. "

M. Nowak

"I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the WristWand, it has made a tremendous difference in my work. I work as a bartender and the repetitive juicing and glass washing I do every day created stresses on my elbows & wrists. I went through physical therapy and rest to recover from the tendonitis as well as injections of cortisone. But the biggest long-term help has been my WristWand. I purchased it from my chiropractor & it has been a lifesaver for me. It's been two years since my last serious flare-up. I try to use my WristWand regularly but even when I forget, if I feel the stress and strain getting to my arms I simply pull out my "magic wand" and in one minute I'm back in business. I keep one at home, one at work & one in the car. I don't recommend using it while driving but, when driving for long distances I find it really helps to use it when getting gas or stopping at rest-stops. It does a great job of relaxing the muscles in the neck, shoulders & mid-back. Thank you for this wonderful tool, everyone who uses their hands or arms for work or play should have one. Warn folks that one may not be enough, if you have them around you'll use them more often. Thanks again."

S. Barnes

"I am a rheumatologist in private practice in Honolulu. I have a large practice with roughly 50% of my patients suffering from chonic pain syndromes, including repetitive motion injuries of the upper extremities. I was recently introduced to the WristWand by a friend who visited from Oakland Calif., periodontist Dr. Kwan. I've been impressed with the effectiveness and ease of use of the WristWand. Thanks for a great product!"

Dr. Alan Oki, M.D., PhD.

"We want you to know of our success with your product. Our first meeting was last year at the National VPPPA Conference. After visiting with you and trying the WristWand I decided to try a small test group of data entry people in one of our facilities. They loved the WristWand because of its ease of use and no loss of work time. From that point in time to present we have WristWands in use in every department in our plant. I have people ask me if we can prove that the WristWand works - my answer to that question is - the lack of injuries in the areas they are being used is plenty enough proof for our company. My question is always - how can something so simple and so cost effective do such a great job for us? Also, the personal service rendered by your company is something you just don't see anymore."

David A. Larsen, Safety & Ergonomics Mgr.
Eaton Corporation
Engine Air Management Operations Worldwide
Member Region VII, VPPPA Board 7/16/02

"I have been using your WristWand since receiving it a couple of weeks ago. I use it every morning and evening doing the recommended stretches. I must say that I can feel a difference. The pain in my wrist has decreased. I'm no longer in need of ibuprofen to mask the pain. I really feel that your WristWand has helped me get better. Thank you again."

Jeanne Sison-Ohlin
Information Services Office Coordinator
Pebble Beach, California

"My name is A. Rahman, and I am an oboe player. I've had trouble with my joints my whole life. I've had many ligament injuries in my hands. Last winter I injured my hand playing the oboe. The weight of the instrument on my right thumb caused some very painful damage to my right hand. I was unable to play without a wrist brace, and completely unable to lift anything with that hand. After three months of wearing the brace it didn't get any better, and on the day of a band concert a friend convinced me to try the WristWand. A half an hour after the first time I used it I was able to play the concert without wearing a brace. I've been using the WristWand. ever since, and have had no more pain or injuries in my hands! It's easy to use, fast and convenient, and fits in my instrument case. It also comes in a variety of fantastic colors! I gave a couple to my oboe teacher for her birthday and have been recommending it to all of my friends."

A. Rahman

"My name is S. McCarthy, I am a PGA Professional at an exclusive club in Arizona. I recently wrote an email to your company about the problems I had been having with tendonitis in my left elbow. The pain kept me from playing in tournaments and even simply playing casual rounds with our members. I came across the WristWand on the internet and it caught my attention. After receiving my WristWand I put it to use immediately. Within 4 days I was swinging the club with minimal pain. I am now happy to say I am pain free and I continue to do my 30 second routine four to five times a day. Thank you very much. This exercise is the way I try to teach the golf swing...Simple but Effective. Thank You Again,"

S. McCarthy
PGA Professional

"Just a short note to say THANK YOU! for coming up with this clever solution to a problem faced by more and more people in this age of living at the computer keyboard. The advent of repetitive stress syndrome was doubly distressing for me, as I have been a 40 year professional and, lately, part-time guitarist and banjo player in swing jazz bands. The RSI caused by daily computer use in my "day job" was making it more and more difficult to play guitar or banjo for more than a half hour without a great deal of pain. Stiffness in my shoulders following a practice session, much less a several hour gig made it difficult to sleep. I started using the WristWand about three weeks ago, and have experienced marked improvement in flexibility and reduced pain in my wrists and forearms. The beginnings of "tennis elbow" are fading with each week of use. Stretching out before and after practice sessions or gigs now prevents later stiffness in my shoulders."

Tom Murphey

I have had truly remarkable results with the WristWand. I'm a senior software engineer. I resigned last year from a very well-known hi-tech company to recover from my RSI and finish my master's degree in computer science at Sacramento State. I made a lot of progress in a lot of areas, but every time I increased my computer use to more than a couple hours a day I ended up with pain in my forearms. I did all the wrist flexion/extension stretches, but they didn't help much. It was very frustrating. I was considering changing careers. Now, after using the WristWand for just a couple weeks, I've been able to increase my computer use to 6-10 hours a day, and I have almost no forearm pain. I sleep well and wake up feeling great. It is really incredible.

H. Coffin

"I can't say Thank You enough regarding what the WristWand has done for me. I have suffered some extensive soft tissue injuries to my body, which I was told will be around for the rest of my life. When I started noticing a problem with my hands, I couldn't believe it. Of all the things I have had to quit doing because my body just can't handle it anymore, I couldn't bear to lose any part of my hands. I do a lot of craft work and I work on/with computers. To lose my hands, or any portion thereof, would've been more devastating to me than most anything else.

I was working for a software development company in Bel Marin Keys and one of my co-workers there gave me a WristWand. WristWand, you changed my life (as far as my hands are concerned) because of this great instrument. I went from numbness and pain in my hands to almost none at all now. Sometimes, my hands are feeling so good, I forget to use the WristWand. Because of the repetition involved in Crocheting and Embroidery, commuting to work everyday and using the computer - which requires me to use the keyboard and mouse very extensively - I can now do all of this without much discomfort at all. I go days now without any symptoms. If I forget to use the WristWand for any length of time and symptoms try to creep back, I remember to use it again and the symptoms are gone. I have gotten better about not forgetting to use the Wand, and therefore, my hands are doing great.

I showed the WristWand to the Chiropractor I was seeing in Rohnert Park for a couple of years. He was very interested in it. Of course, I have told many people about it and it is a conversation starter! I have it sitting right on top of my computer tower - which is on top of my desk - and people are very curious about it. I am more than happy to share with them what a miracle it has done for me. Again, thank you so very much for this unique product. I will continue to tell as many people about it as I can. Thank you,"

Debbi Allen
Technical Support Advisor
Novato, CA  

“I am a copy/fax technician. This summer I also started crystal mining for fun. It put a real stress on my wrist and I was diagnosed with tendonitis. Well for about three months I was on anti-inflammatory drugs and wearing a wrist brace. I went to fix a fax in Marin County and had to reschedule for spare parts. When I got back to the account the next day, the client gave me this skinny box and said, "This is for you." He showed me how to use it and I was surprised at how good the stretch felt, so I thought what the heck, I kept playing with it in my car, showed one of the supervisors, he played with it too, and I went home. By the next day! I was no longer in pain and had regained some strength in my hand, when I returned to work after the weekend, I no longer wore my wrist brace and the pain was gone (I was in pain for about three months) not only that the dull ache in my upper shoulder that I had had for two years was gone. I went back to the supervisor and we are now ordering some for the office. Thank you”

S. L. Santa Rosa CA  

"Tennis has been one of my greatest/most enjoyable outlets and stress reducers for years! And, invariably over the years (I'm presently 66 and still winning rated USTA tournaments), I have had to slow down and sometimes quit playing tennis for a period of time due to tennis elbow. As much as some very good tennis pros have tried to help me down through the years to hit the ball more "correctly" so as to avoid tennis elbow, I always revert back to my own style (not orthodox) and, thus, develop tennis elbow when I start playing more frequently. To be frank...I like my unorthodox style of play (control and under spin and slice). However, it does seem to always lead to tennis elbow when I play more than twice a week or when I play during a weekend USTA tournament.

Last Saturday, in my team tennis match, I could feel "ye old tennis elbow" beginning to hamper my usually effective, unorthodox play....Fortunately, when I first began to feel the tennis elbow creeping up on me the Wednesday before, I happened to find your ad in the Inside Tennis magazine. I immediately called you and ordered the WristWand...Well, it arrived Monday....Now, I don't have to worry!....Only after three consecutive days of following the very easy instructions included in the box of the WW...and after testing it...by playing two hard matches in two consecutive days this past week, I have absolutely NO TENNIS ELBOW!.....I feel confident, now, WristWand, that I can play as frequently as I want and not have to worry (as before) with tennis elbow."

The Rev. Dr. Ed Hennig,
Chaplain Supervisor
St. John's Regional Medical Center Oxnard, CA  

"As a golfer for the past twenty-five years, both amateur and professional, I realize the importance of supple wrists, arms and shoulders. The WRISTWAND® relaxes all of these muscle groups with one easy stretch. It is a very useful tool for all golfers."

J.C. Callaway
Executive Director Ace Kids Golf Program, Oakland, CA
Golf Professional & Author of the book "Invisible Golfers"  

"Dear WristWand,
 Thank you so much for introducing me to the WristWand at the Florida Chiropractic Convention in Orlando last August. This very unique rehabilitation instrument and its related exercise is astounding in its ability to not only relieve but, prevent symptoms of upper extremity RSI conditions. The wonderful part is its simplicity! The non-obvious stretching exercise is so fast, easy and simple that my patients actually perform the exercise regularly and enjoy it! Once my colleagues saw the WristWand, they not only prescribed it for their patients but started using it themselves. To my knowledge they still use it today and you know what type of patients doctors make!

The right "tool" always makes a job easier. When it comes to upper extremity RSI conditions, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, WristWand is the "right tool." In 31 years of being in the Chiropractic profession I have not come across a device with which there is such a high degree of patient compliance and positive results.

Again, I thank you so much for introducing me to WristWand. Keep up the good work."

Norman H. Brodsky

"I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis, and along with some physician prescribed exercises, the WristWand has helped significantly in reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility. It's very easy to use and is compact enough to fit in a golf bag, briefcase or workout bag."

Pat Towle, IN

"After my first week of use, I could definitely the lack of tension in my wrists and forearms. I can really tell that there's a benefit to this. My grip feels great, I'm loose and the snap in my swing is explosive."

Len Entrabartolo, NJ

"As a yoga teacher, I frequently come across individuals with RSI. The particular muscle group that the WristWand stretches is virtually inaccessible with even the myriad of known yoga asanas or postures. The WristWand performs a very specific muscular exercise. It's design addresses a unique muscular stretching exercise that alleviates tension, inflammation, pain, and restricted range of motion. Not only do I suggest the usage of this product to my students, I use it myself and am very satisfied with the results."

Clayton Horton
Yoga Instructor, SF Bay Area.
Author Yoga Golf

"I am a 67-year-old Physician and a Kayaker. After paddling for a few hours, a very repetitive motion, I have in the past had soreness in one shoulder. I had tried anti-inflammatory medications and other supportive measures with temporary relief at best.

Since using the WristWand (a few times before and after the paddling), the soreness and tendonitis have totally disappeared and do not resurface. This is a wonderful product!

A very happy paddler"

Seymour Boorstein
M.D. Kentfield, CA

“I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis, and along with some physician prescribed exercises, the WristWand has helped significantly in reducing stiffness and increasing flexibility. It’s very easy to use and is compact enough to fit in a golf bag, briefcase or workout bag.”

Pat Towle, IN

"Just wanted to let you know that I've been using the WristWand® for only a few days and have already seen a marked difference in my forearms and elbows. I played 18 holes of golf yesterday and today. I used the WristWand® for a few stretches before beginning each round and again after each round. I typically experience a significant amount of pain in each arm following a round. One arm is still a little tight but what a difference. I also found that my ball striking was a little crisper and there was no twinge each time I made solid contact. Using the WristWand® will become a regular part of my daily activities and certainly before and after each round of golf."

Bob Schechter  

"Dear WristWand:
 I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy using the WristWand. I have had a chronic, severe keyboarding injury for more than five years, which just last year was diagnosed as radial tunnel syndrome. Stretching with the WristWand regularly throughout each day relieves some of the tightness I experience, especially in my forearms. Using the WristWand gives me hope that I will still be able to improve my RSI condition. It's small portable size and attractive, easy to grip handles make it a pleasure to use. I wish I had found the WristWand before my injury became chronic.

Thanks so much for developing such a truly helpful tool."

Joanne Scott

"When I first saw the Wristwand I was very skeptical-it seemed too simple and too inexpensive. Then, I started using it myself. It sits next to my keyboard and I often pick it up, stretch with it and play with it. It has made a big difference-I no longer have wrist pain, despite my 12-hour days at the computer. I've been developing ergonomic programs for the past 10 years and I find the Wristwand to be an important innovation that employs a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. I'm convinced that it encourages and enables people to get the stretches they need to prevent a great majority of computer-related repetitive strain injuries."

Steve Parrott, MS
Vice President
Elements Wellness, Inc.  

"Before using the WRISTWAND, I used to contemplate how I would eventually have to leave my current profession because of the growing pain in my wrist. After using the WRISTWAND for the past couple of weeks the strength in my wrist has started to come back. I no longer need to take breaks from my mouse pad. I keep my WRISTWAND by my phone so it takes no time out of my day.

Thank you WRISTWAND :) "

Martine Crowther

"In my years of practice I have evaluated hundreds if not thousands of ergonomic and exercise products. I have also been a programmer for the better part of 25 years. I don't get excited easily, nor have I even remotely considered endorsing a product. Until now. In my opinion the WristWand™ has the potential to be one of the single most significant breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of repetitive upper extremity injuries ever designed. It's small size and elegant design make it a must for anyone who makes their living using a keyboard or a mouse.

Thank you very much for this outstanding product!! "

Brian W. Zaleski, DC,
MS (Computer Science)
Senior Programmer/Analyst

"As an orthopedic surgeon, I see a lot of patients with repetitive stress type injuries to their upper extremities. Commonly patients can develop tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome interfering with their work and their lives. Having used the WristWand™ myself, I can see how the stretching that takes place to the various muscle groups of the upper extremities can really help in the prevention of some of these more common problems. The WristWand™ seems to be unique and should be well received by the health care community. "

Andrew R. Goldstein, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon  

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the WristWand™ you sent me in January. I was having trouble with wrist pain in both arms due to the amount of typing I do every day. After using the wand for a few weeks, the pain diminished dramatically. While this was great in itself, something else happened: over the past few years, I've developed a type of "tennis elbow" in my left arm that resulted in a sharp pain during my golf swing. Last year, I started using one of those straps around the affected muscle, which did help to relieve the pain while playing. Now, after using the WristWand™ for about 3 months, that problem has virtually disappeared, and I'm able to play without the arm strap!

Your product is great - keep up the good work."

Paul Remer

"I have been using the WristWand™ for several weeks, primarily as a preventive tool when I am working long, hours on my computer. It is easy to use, takes only seconds and is helping me a great deal. I have had Carpal-Tunnel injury and am currently without any pain. I highly recommend this preventive measure to anyone concerned with repetitive motion injuries."

Deborah Urban
Development Director,
Spirit Rock Meditation Center  

"I have begun using your WristWand™ product (for about 2 weeks now) and I am impressed by its effectiveness for such a simple, and easy to use device. I use it between patients a couple of times per day and I have noticed two things almost immediately.

1) I feel an increased stability in my and wrists and elbows when I adjust my patients.

2) My wrist/hand speed has definitely increased. I owe this to a feeling of increased circulation/nerve flow into my wrist/hands.

In short, I certainly recommend this device, because of its effectiveness, low cost and simplicity. Thank you for exposing me to this unique and simple device. I wish you the best of luck as you launch this product on a larger scale."

John Bueler, Jr., DC

"I have awakened every morning for more than 10 years with shoulder pain. After stretching 3-4 times a day with my Wristwand, I no longer have any shoulder pain. I originally started to use Wristwand for the numbness that I was experiencing in my fingers from sitting at a keyboard for many hours at a time... the numbness has gone away but the shoulder pain vanishing is a great surprise. "

Alan Drucker
San Anselmo, CA  

"I recently broke my wrist. I asked my physician to remove the fiberglass cast after 3 1/2 weeks so that I could begin the recovery process through physical therapy. As soon as my wrist and hand felt comfortable enough to hold the WRISTWAND, I began using it as a tool to explore my range of motion, and to extend that range. I am pleased to report that my range of motion has been increasing steadily and quite rapidly, and the tissue damage suffered in the break is healing well. I will continue to use the WRISTWAND until I have full range of motion again! Thank you for the WRISTWAND. "

Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.
President, Yoga Research and Education Center